Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back in Red Bay Again

Today was our last travel day for awhile - or so we think. After spending a really rainy night in Canton, MS, we left about 7:30 this morning and headed north on I-55. We stayed on the interstate until we got to US 278 and then we turned east. The roads were pretty good all of the way, and really great part of the way. We even took the motor home on the Natchez Trace Parkway for a couple of miles to avoid city traffic through Tupelo, where we picked up Highway 78 east. Just about 40 or so more miles after that to Red Bay, Alabama, where we'll be until the Tiffin repair folks kick us out, or our motorhome is all fixed, whichever comes first.

The rain had let up this morning, so we drove most of the way without a lot of rain, although we did have some light sprinkles at times. We got to the Allegro Campground a little before noon and got checked in. They did have some spaces available, so we are parked in site number 77, just across from the customer lounge. How convenient is that!

Among our list of "to do" items, we are planning to have our day-night shades replaced with pull-down blinds. We will be responsible for the cost of those, as well as a printer shelf or cabinet that we are hoping to have built. Otherwise, our list consists of a number of (mostly) small things that need attention.

We've spent the afternoon just hanging around, as the rain started up again shortly after we got set up. It's been alternating between rain, fog, and mist all afternoon. We've had problems getting and keeping a satellite signal as well, so we have been reading quietly and playing with the dogs or on the computer.

I have no pictures of today - way too gray and dismal to take any!


Janna and Mike said...

Good luck with all the repairs, Jim and Ellie--how do you get the dogs to go outside when it is raining that much--Jazz will just absolutely refuse! We are traveling to Brenda, AZ today.

Speedy said...

Hey Dreamers good to hear that you are safe and sound at the park. Hope all goes well on the repairs and additions. We sure miss the two of you at the parties...we will have to make up for that later. Stay safe...Sherri and I will be following along with you.

Joe and Sherri

Mark and Dortha said...

As we travel back to Fort Worth today I am catching up on blogs. Of course, I had to get to yours first to find out all the scoop on Red Bay. LOL

Keep us posted with the progress and I am sure we will see you soon.