Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red Bay Update, Sat. Mar. 21

Well, happy Spring to everyone! Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and we celebrated by doing not much of anything. We did take The Castle out to top off the propane and fuel tanks and get it washed and dried. We were going to do the washing ourselves, but a car/truck/RV wash has opened right across the street from the campground, and since it was just a little cool and windy, I suggested we have them do the job for us. We stopped in to talk to the folks working there, and they were able to get us in. I'm not sure who owns it, but they are doing a lot of business. Every time we drive by there, we see from 1 to 4 motor homes there, getting washed. We think it was worth the $100 it cost.

We went out to dinner with Sharon and Bob last evening at Gills Grill, one of the few decent places to eat here. I did ok with grilled shrimp, baked sweet potato and salad. They came back over to the motor home afterwards and visited for awhile before calling it a night.

Today I was on a mission. It's been awhile since I cleaned out the pantry - this was the day. Jim headed out with his grocery list while I worked on cleaning out the old stuff and getting things organized again. When we lived in a house and I worked, cleaning out cupboards was something I got around to doing maybe once a year. But living in such a small space makes it much more critical to keep up with cleaning out those cupboards a lot more often.

Otherwise, there wasn't much going on today. A lot of people left the campground this morning, and a lot of people came in this afternoon. I expect the place will be mostly filled up by tomorrow evening.

I haven't taken any pictures lately, so here's one I took last fall of a Mississippi sunset:


Mark and Dortha said...

Sounds like typical day in Red Bay. I wish we were there to enjoy it with you.


Speedy said...

Well at least you have a picture to post from the past. I have to get my pictures from a travel site...HE HE :) Keep up the cleaning and Jim you are my idol...left to go shopping staying out of the way is part of the life

Joe and Sherri