Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update From Camp Taz

Usually, when I come to Mississippi to attend Camp Taz, one of the main activities each morning is to go kayaking on Tibbee Creek. Well, this time, Mother Nature had a different idea. This time, we stand at the bank and watch the water flow by. Or, we walk from the Camp House down to the boat dock to see how high the water is getting. We did kayak the first afternoon I got here, and the following morning. But the rains started and that has put the brakes on further kayaking this trip.

We have not had really severe weather here, although it has rained several inches over the past few days. It looks like the worst of the weather has moved out, and we'll have a couple of chilly nights, but no more rain. The Camp House is situated on a bluff above the creek, so we are not in any danger of flooding up here.

I've talked to Jim just about every day, and so far, he hasn't floated away from Red Bay. He has been taking care of business and getting The Castle moved into the service bay each day. Work is progressing, and we may have everything fixed up before long.

I'll be back from camp on Tuesday. Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures I've taken with my little camera.

There are two eagles who make their home here on Tibbee Creek, here is one of them from a distance. I took this picture from the kayak the one morning we got to go out:

One one of our walks, I was able to get a nice close up of a dogwood bloom:

It's beautiful here, and I'm having a great time visiting with my friends, eating healthy, and getting in some good exercise!

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Speedy said...

Well you are doing all the good. No matter what the weather does you are having a good time and that what counts...

Joe and Sherri