Monday, July 23, 2012

A Delicious Down Day

I’ve only left The Castle to walk the dogs several times today, Jim left to go to the grocery store around the corner and down to the office to pick up our mail. 

Otherwise, we’ve entertained ourselves at home today.  I finished one book I was reading, read another in it’s entirety, and started a third.

Ellie 099

At one point, I looked around and thought I might do something constructive like vacuum or dust, but that thought quickly dissipated and I settled back down with my book on the iPad, which is where I now read most of my books.

Jim 021

I did fix up a big batch of breakfast burrito makin’s this morning with home fries, turkey sausage, bacon, onions and peppers, and eggs, all mixed up together and rolled into tortillas with cheese and hot sauce.  We make a big batch and freeze the leftover burritos for quick breakfasts.

Ellie 019

Later this afternoon I fixed beef and chicken fajitas, using up some leftover frozen fajita meat from a couple of months ago.  They were easy and very tasty!

Ellie 038

Otherwise, we’ve had a delicious down day.  We love retirement!

Ellie 019_1

Pictures today are from some of our recent days around Maine.


Janna and Mike said...

We are all so spoiled!! No Kindle anymore??

Elaine said...

I also love my Ipad..but do all my reading on my kindle...nothing like a delicious down day...we all need them...I think today will be mine..