Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Forest, A Bog and A Casino

We have a lot on our “ta do” list here in Maine.  Yes, most definitely, Bar Harbor and Acadia NP are on that list.  We probably have at least 2 and maybe 3 days slotted for those.

But one day at a time, and today we elected to stay a little closer to home.  Besides, there were still a few clouds hanging around, and we’d like to have sunny days to visit “Bah Hahbah” in our “Kah”.  (Darrell, I think they will know that we’re From Away no matter how hard we try to speak the local language!)

We spent a little time this morning doing a bit more schedule tweaking.  We’ve looked up, down, sideways and backwards to find handy stopping points on our way out of New England.  We’ve talked to friends and looked at every resource we have.  Nada.  Oh, there are a few campgrounds, but nothing that really meets our needs.  We’ve got a plan now, but I’m not going to lay it out just quite yet, you never know what might change between now and then.

I also made a couple of calls this morning to see about scheduling a grooming day for the furkids.  I mostly groom the dogs myself, but a few times a year I like to take them to someone for a “spa day”, gives us all a little break.  I have them scheduled for next week, they sure need a trim!

After our business was taken care of, we went off in search of today’s adventure – City Forest and Orono Bog Walk, followed by a lunch at the Hollywood Casino.

The Rolland F. Perry City Forest is owned by the City of Bangor and encompasses more than 680 acres in the northeast part of the city. 

Ellie 002

There are miles of trails and a few roads to access the forest that is open year round.

Ellie 003

We thought this bench looked pretty inviting after walking awhile:

Ellie 012

The clouds cleared off so I could take a picture of some of these tall Maine trees:

Ellie 014

Then we came to the Orono Bog Boardwalk.  The City Forest link above also has a page about this very interesting bog.  I could imagine Stephen King spending time here, thinking up some of his plots and characters!

Ellie 018

The boardwalk starts off through dense, green vegetation:

Jim 017

Ellie 025

But all of a sudden, due to soil conditions, the vegetation changes drastically:

Ellie 037

There was something out here that kicked up an allergic reaction for me, and I spent this part of the walk with burning eyes and runny nose – we hurried through this part to get back to the car.

Whew, that was quite a walk.  What a neat place, though and quite interesting to read about if you access the link.

Once I’d gotten settled down and my nose and eyes stopped running, we programmed DeeDee to take us to the Hollywood Casino downtown.  We played a few slots, ate lunch at the buffet, and then played a little more.  Today was Jim’s day to win.  Once again we came out a few bucks ahead, but nothing big.  Just enough to cover lunch.

Back home and settled in for another exciting night of Rangers Baseball.


Travels with Emma said...

Nice header pic! Sure looks like Maine. Bogs are very interesting, especially if there is a place to step off the boardwalk and down into one. If conditions are just right, it's like standing on a water bed. If the person across from you jumps up and down, it sends a wave across the bog foliage. :)

Mike and Peggy Evringham said...

What? You weren't watching the Red Sox! Perhaps you need to work in a day at Fenway before heading south?

Elaine said...

Very nice header picture-sorry you had an allergy attack I can definitely relate!! Enjoy Maine its beautiful there.

Janna and Mike said...

I miss those furkids!! Oh, and you guys too! :))

Renea Miller said...