Monday, July 16, 2012

Errands and Exploring Bangor

We’d like to sleep in, but the dogs have other ideas…like, “Hey, Mom!  Wake up!  It’s light outside and we’re ready to go out!” Never mind that it’s not yet 6 a.m.  This morning was the same old, same old.  Except that Jim was the one to get up and take the dogs out today.
While we enjoyed those important first cups of coffee, we discussed today’s agenda and decided that we’d combine an errand or two with a little exploring.
First up was breakfast at the next-door restaurant.  Excellent food, and reasonably priced!
One of my first priorities was finding a haircut.  Jim wanted to see Stephen King’s house:
ellie 001_1
After locating Mr. King’s residence and figuring out that he wasn’t sitting on his front porch ready to receive visitors, we found the hair salon and I got a trim.  Then we decided to drive around and see what we could find.  Eventually, we found the Penobscot River Front area:
ellie 011_1

Jim 007
Right near downtown Bangor:
Jim 017
Jim 020
Eventually we figured out we were done exploring for today and decided to head on back home:
ellie 014
Our friend, Vickie, in Amarillo, asked if this area is pretty.  Not only is the area nice, but this RV Park is what we wish every RV Park would be like, big, level, spacious sites,
A great dog walking area:
ellie 016
Lots of grass and trees:
ellie 017
And beautiful landscaping:
Pumpkin Patch RV Resort is all of that, with reasonable prices and a great staff in the office.  We don’t need playgrounds and swimming pools, so this works out just perfectly for us.
We spent some time this afternoon working on our list of things to do while we’re in this area, looks like we’re going to be busy nearly every day.  We also did some tweaking on our agenda for the rest of the summer and made a couple of changes. 
I cooked today, that’s almost as earth-shaking as writing a blog.  We had a great spaghetti dinner with garlic toast and salad.  Now we’ll be ready for more lobster tomorrow…


Anonymous said...

Please tell Jim not to hang around King's house....if that man can imagine that stuff to write it...I think he could DO IT...I'm afraid he might nab you guys to test out storylines for his next book!!!!

Renea Miller said...

The campsite is AWESOME!!! Having seen a few sites myself, this one is beautiful wiwth all the grass beside your home, the room between the motor homes and the dog walking area was an extra plus! AWESOME!!! I really want one of those Lobster sandwiches!!! YUM!!!