Thursday, April 24, 2008

Caches and Cows

Boys day out and girls day out. .. Jim got up at dark-thirty this morning to go with his friend down to Pueblo to help out another friend with his cows. These guys have been friends just about forever. They get together as often as they can while we're in town. Today, Jim brought back proof that they were working with the cows -- at least part of the day!

Mama is concerned about what's happening to her baby!

These girls had a territorial dispute. Jim said they back up and come at each other, butting heads until one gives up. In this case, the brown cow won.

The Pronghorn (Antelope) was mildly curious about what was happening.

While Jim was out with the boys, my friend, Karen, came out for a geocaching adventure. There are at least 4 caches very near here, so I picked out the two closest.

Here's a little pond in Fountain Creej Regional Park, where we started our geocaching walk. This park is just across Fountain Creek from the KOA that we're staying at. There are many very nice walking trails here. I think we'll revisit this pretty area again while we're here.

Karen is a natural - she found the first cache very quickly! This was big enough for me to drop my California Rooster Travel Bug in, so he's once again on his way. I hope he travels far and sees much.

The cache was hidden in this huge, old cottonwood tree that had fallen.

We found one more cache before we called it good. Karen brought fixin's to make Pannini's, so we came back and had lunch and visited until she needed to go back home to meet the student she's tutoring today.
Karen and I both worked for a local school district at one time. She was a teacher, I was a secretary. We got in the habit of walking together early in the morning. For at least 6 years or more, until we both retired, we walked nearly every morning.

Wait, how did this picture get in here? This is the Ray D. Nixon Power Plant. I was the first woman to work in a power plant in Colorado Springs, and started at this plant back in 1980. Jim worked here as a Control Room Operator for several years before his retirement. Yes, we first met when we were both operators back in the early 80's.

It's been another fine day!

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