Monday, April 14, 2008

Reflections on "Home"

We haven't been to Colorado Springs for 10 months. That's not a long time, but long enough for our daily recollections to fade a bit. It's interesting, mentally and emotionally, to be back in the area I called home for over half a century.

We've been inundated since we got here with visits and get-togethers with friends and relatives, which has been wonderful. Those hugs and catching up conversations have been good for our souls. The campground where we're staying wants visitors to stop at the office to get a visitor's pass before coming to our site. We've sure kept them busy handing those out to our visitors!
It's a plane! No, it's a bird -- no, it's a Kite -----

----Being handled by grandson, Jacob. We brought him this eagle kite from Bosque Del Apache.

Jacob's mom, daugher, Robin, with Jasmine:

Son, Josh, admiring the Castle.

Josh, Robin, and Me, out in the campgroud. Yes, that is Pikes Peak in the background.

Today, Jim went to his dental appointment, then to have a day out with a couple of his friends. I accepted an invitation to go to a favorite Chinese restaurant with my sister and best friend. When I got ready to leave, I suddenly stopped and thought -- how do I get there??? It's been a while since I drove here. I had to go through a little mental exercise to remember the route. Of course, once I got on the road, it became pretty automatic. After lunch, I needed to run by our bank's ATM to get some cash. Once again, I needed to remember the route I drove probably a thousand times in my past. And, once again, as soon as I started out, it was all just like I'd never left.

Me, my sister, Ann, and friend, Karen at the Dragon Gate Chinese restaurant.

The gate at Jim's friend's ranch, east of Pueblo, Colorado.

It's interesting to observe how I'm reacting to being back "Home". I'm sure in a few days it will all settle in, the wrinkles in my brain about this place certainly haven't disappeared in 10 months. But it's a little different after being gone this long. By the way, this is the longest period I've been away from this city in my entire life. My horizons are definitely broadening!

I don't have a picture of the bird, but this morning, when I was walking the dogs, I heard a very loud bird call. As we walked along, birds would fly up and away, but the call was still coming from the same direction. As I got closer to the sound, I saw the bird. I didn't have a camera or binoculars, so I had to get fairly close to get a good look. It was a Killdeer. She (or he, I'm not sure which) was in the grass, hopping towards us, instead of flying off. I figured out there must be a nest close by that the bird was protecting. I stopped, assured the little bird that I wouldn't hurt it or the nest, and we turned and walked back the way we'd come to avoid disturbing it any further. I checked my guide when I got back, and verified that it was a Killdeer. As long as I lived here, I never remember seeing this species. The first time I identified a Killdeer was last fall in Rockport, Texas. Another sign of my broadening horizons.

Jim's dental work will be pretty much as we expected. He will have several teeth pulled, and a bridge expanded and replaced. He starts the process tomorrow. I guess I'll be making soup and milkshakes for him for a few days!

The weather is better than we expected it to be, although the weatherman is promising some wind, rain, and maybe even some snow this week. Typical Springtime in the Rockies!


Anonymous said...

Ellie, my DW will confirm this...I get lost going to the same store here where we live. She gets soooo mad at me because I get confused on where all these stores she shops at are located. They all seem to run together and I just get lost. I let her drive alot so we get there without an argument. Don't feel bad if your a little've been gone for 10 months!


RVVagabond said...

If you had been really close to the killdeer's nest, he or she would have started dragging its wing like it was broken to lure you away from the nest. This is what it does with predators, appearing to be injured and weak and then the bird flies off once you are well away from the area of the nest. Cool, huh?