Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Can I Say?

When was the last time I went on a rant about our health insurance rules, you know, the ones that end up costing time, money, and sometimes a lot more than that? Sheesh. I take one prescription medication, for high cholesterol that runs in my family. My family is kind of like the one you see in that commercial where they make Aunt Edna look like a plate of fried eggs. Anyway, I need to keep up with my blood tests to make sure the medication I take doesn't turn my liver into fried eggs. I had my blood tested in February. I thought I'd be good to go for another six months on the meds. Wrong. The insurance wouldn't allow my doctor to renew my prescription until I actually went to her office. Now, I understand the importance of healthy habits and regular check-ups and all that. But to go to the doctor when I don't need to is a waste of insurance money and the doctor's time. Not to mention my time and the gas it took getting there. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Oh well, I had a nice visit with the doc and I'm fine, thank you.

Another small frustration today involved us thinking about finding a less costly rv park for the last 3 weeks we'll be here. This KOA is going to their "summer" rates and we will pay quite a bit more for the last three weeks of our stay in the Springs than we did for the first month, even by paying their monthly rate. We did some research and I went to look at another park today. All I can say is, yuk. We'll just pay up and shut up and stay here. I wish there was a decent, affordable alternative here, but Colorado Springs is just very proud of itself in the summer. The nicer parks are very pricey, and the two we stayed at last year were also very crowded with the sites very close together. Yes, there are state parks in the area, but not close enough for us to keep up with our appointments here without spending more than we'd save, buying the gas to drive into town as often as we'll need to. We'll eventually make up what we spend now by staying COE and state parks as often as possible down the road.
Since we decided we like this KOA, here are a couple more pictures. The first one is the small miniature golf course, and the lower one is the other playground down in the lower section.

If you read comments I've posted, you'll notice that we get a lot of comments from a gentleman who is known as "Speedy". I talk to him nearly every evening in the RV-Dreams chatroom. He and his wife are nearly fulltimers. We will meet them in person in June at the RV-Dreams rally in Branson. He left a comment on yesterday's entry that said he was also born in Childress, Texas. Jim would have been born there too, except that his mom didn't like the doctor in town, so she went to a doctor down the road in Quanah. That's where Jim was born, but he lived in Childress for many years. What a small world! Speedy, we'll have to talk about that tonight in chat!
Even a couple of frustrating events can't take away from this beautiful day. We had warm temperatures and light wind, and a beautiful blue sky!

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Anonymous said...

Some of my Mom's family were born in Quanah. My Dad had a grocery store there. What a small world. The doctor in Childress was named Jetter.