Monday, April 7, 2008

Tucson to Deming

We were ready to go earlier than we thought we would be. That's also after Jim discovered one of our tires was a bit low. We're hoping that was from LaMesa putting a valve stem extender on it and not getting it tightened. He got it aired up, and we didn't have any alarms on it all day, so hopefully we won't have more trouble with that. We pulled out of Diamond J around 9:30 this morning.

We also couldn't get a signal to our Even Brake controller. We have no idea why it's not working, but feel that the weight of the Saturn is low enough that we can run without the supplemental brake for a few days. We'll investigate what's happening when we get to Colorado Springs.
I also noticed that we had A/C power on our outlets while underway. I'm guessing there's an automatic switch to run the inverter when we unplug the power. It was kind of nice, not having to use my little inverter for the computer all day. We also had the clock on the microwave.

This is an example of the type of view we had most of the day - dust blowing!

Here's the only traffic jam we had. An oversize truck was being escorted to the Arizona-New Mexico border, and there was road construction which closed one lane. It didn't slow us down for long, maybe 3 or 4 miles.

As far as the ride, wow. What a difference from the gas Bounder. This thing just glides along. We kept the speed between 60 - 65 all day. Even though there were some strong wind gusts, we didn't have a lot of buffeting from the steady wind, as we used to in the Bounder.

Welcome to New Mexico.

An example of some of the interesting rock formations we saw.

We pulled into the Dreamcatcher RV Park in Deming right around 2:30 local time and checked in and set up before 3.

Just after we had things arranged, I noticed this raven on the ground right by our coach. He's looking and looking and looking at us as if to say, "Hey! Hey! This is MY space, what are YOU doing here???" He kept looking at us like that for quite a while, and finally ducked underneath the coach and I didn't see him again.

The wind is blowing hard and there is a cloud of dust around us. I guess we won't be leaving the windows open tonight, but it sure won't matter, we'll sleep well after our first travel day in the Phaeton. It's been a good one.


Donna McNicol said...

Glad to hear the winds didn't bother you. It's really windy here..I closed up and put on the A/C around 1pm, two hours earlier than usual. Just didn't want to be able to plant something on the counters...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you had a safe trip. I bet it is a nice ride you have now? Can't wait to see it.


RVVagabond said...

Your black bird friend appears to be a grackle--a talkative fellow to be sure. In the east, the grackles make a gurgling noise deep in their throats while the western grackles have a chirp more like that of a sparrow. The males have a lovely lavender/blue/green cast in the sunlight.