Thursday, April 3, 2008

Winding Down

We seem to be winding down our activities in Tucson, getting focused on our next travels. Yesterday I didn't have a lot of energy, so I spent much of the day looking at maps and websites of places we might visit. I'm ready to begin. Each time we get ready to move, I feel almost like we're just starting out again. A new beginning. We've discussed where we might go after Jim's family reunion, which is right after the RV-Dreams rally in June. Right now, we're still thinking of heading due north from Amarillo, towards South Dakota. Jim's never seen the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. I haven't been in that area since I was a child. Sounds good to me -- we'll set the plan in jello, as usual. But first, we'll be spending a few weeks in Colorado Springs so Jim can get his dental work done, and we can have a good visit with family and friends there.
Night before last, I glanced up and saw the sky lit up. I grabbed the camera and ran barefoot out the door to capture a shot before we lost the light.

Capturing those fleeting moments is one of the special things I treasure living in a motor home. When we lived in a house, I didn't spend much time in a place where I could look out the window. If I did look out, mostly what I saw was the street in front of the house, and the houses across the street. They didn't change much. Now, I watch the ever changing desert and mountains. Oh, and if we really don't like the view, we know it will change soon.
Speaking of windows, here's another one for my collection of window pictures.

Today we took our new rig to the dealership for a few minor things. One of our issues has been the fact that we can't seem to get HD broadcasts, even though our tvs and satellite dish are all "HD Ready", we got a DirecTV HD/DVR receiver and signed up for HD programming.

The problem is one that doesn't have an easy solution. We have a dome satellite dish. DirecTV just switched most of their HD channels to a different satellite which our dome dish can't find. We've talked about the various options we have, but haven't made any decision. For the time being, we'll wait and see if the dish manufacturer comes up with a solution before we think about spending any more money!

We also found out that the new receiver is bad, so tomorrow one of us will make the day trip across Tucson to exchange it.

The other issues were taken care of easily, and we were back home a little after 3 this afternoon. Gordon and Sandra stopped by for a few minutes. They are planning to start their long journey back to Ottawa tomorrow. Since Gordon has been recovering slowly from Valley Fever, they will take it pretty slow and easy. We wish them a very safe and uneventful journey, and will be sending special prayers that Gordon continues to improve daily. We'll miss our new friends!

And another day flies by.

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