Sunday, April 6, 2008

Time to Move On

Groceries have been stocked and the laundry is done. It is time to say "See Ya" to Tucson, Arizona, and get back on the road.

Today was routine pre-travel day activities, Jim went to the grocery store and I did the laundry. This afternoon we rested and discussed our plans.

We met JoAnn & Doug, Froggi Donna, and Tinka & Rick of R-V There Yet at The Blue Willow restaurant for dinner this evening. The menu is fairly eclectic, with salad and sandwich choices as well as breakfast, pasta and stir fry. I thought the food was very good. I had the stir fry and Jim enjoyed his breakfast choice. Eggs and beer? Well, he said it was good!

Donna, Tinka, Rick, and JoAnn

JoAnn, Doug, and Jim on the other side of the table.

JoAnn & Doug, and Tinka & Rick are all attending the Montana Owners rally over at the Voyager RV City, I mean, resort. They said it's pretty nice there, but they don't have the desert right next to them.

We missed meeting Tinka & Rick when they came to Diamond J to have dinner with JoAnn & Doug when they were staying here, so it was nice meeting them for the first time. They're our neighbors down on Rainbow Drive in Livingston. What a great neighborhood!

After a great time of dinner and conversation, it was time to head back over Gates Pass for our last time. We'll be hitchin' up and headin' out by the crack of 10 or 11 tomorrow. It's been a great run here in Tucson, but now we're looking forward to rolling down the road again.

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