Saturday, April 5, 2008

This, That, and the Other

I'd characterize this as a Miscellaneous Day. We've accomplished quite a bit, but haven't had any exciting adventures.

Starting out this morning, we teamed up and got our outside compartments arranged and everything all put away. It no longer looks like "Ellie Mae Clampett's Yard" around here. People won't be stopping by anymore to ask, "How much do you want for....?"

Jim figured out he needed one valve stem extension for one Pressure Pro sensor/transmitter. He also wanted to get a haircut, so he made the trip across town to Camping World. The hair cut would have been a couple of hours' wait, so he passed on that one. I may have to loan him some of my hair styling wax, as he's starting to look pretty fuzzy!

While he was gone, I went through some of the inside storage cupboards and put down that rubber-like shelf liner that rvers seem to like. I'm not all that fond of it, but the other day we had some slip-sliding contents, so I thought it would be a good idea to put that down and just get over it.

I drug out my copy of JoAnna Lund's RV Cookbook and made a Lemon Grove Coconut Pie. We had that after our left-over beef stew. Yum!

We also walked over to the office and exchanged a few books at the campground's library.

It was time for basketball for Jim and computer work for me. I've started adding links to some of my favorite blogs on my site. If you have a blog and it's not listed, please don't panic or feel left-out. I'm not finished! Gee, no wonder I spend a lot of time online, I have a lot of favorite blogs to read. Good thing not everybody posts every day!
I haven't taken any new pictures today, but here are some from the past few days. I'm trying to memorize every cactus, bush and hillside around here. We're looking forward to moving on down the road, but we sure will miss the desert!

Miscellaneous, but good!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that we are somewhere out there in the winter of '09. I love you pictures they make me want to be there that much more.


Joe and Sherri