Monday, April 21, 2008

Peace and Quiet

The "to-do" list had a few items on it for today, and my side of it could be done from here. I need to have a regular check-up with my doc, so I got that appointment set up. The dogs' records need to be updated at the vet's, and Jas needs a shot, so I got that appointment set up.

I got in m morning walk and got a few extra steps in. Below is the area where I walk -- wide open and no rigs. Although this morning there was another woman with two big dogs down there, so I stayed at the opposite side of the loop and zig-zagged through the empty sites.

I think this KOA has more Kamping Kabins than any other one we've ever stayed at. I think there are at least 25 or more. Here are the ones on the edge of the upper level.

Jim went to do shopping for our grandson, Jacob's, birthday tomorrow. While he was out, he decided to do our laundry at a laundromat he'd seen near the shopping center. I puttered around the house, worked on some knitting and watched the birds at the bird feeder while he was gone.

Here's a view of the upper level of the campground, just across from where we are.

This is one of the play grounds. I'm sure the train is in honor of all the trains in this area!

We've got at least three finch families using our bird feeder. I can differentiate all three males. A male and female will stay at the feeder together, but not two males. They fight each other off, just like hummingbirds do. This afternoon I noted a new bird there - a little house sparrow. It's very entertaining to watch the activity!

Today has been one of my favorite kinds of days. Not too much going on, a quiet and peaceful day!

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