Friday, April 4, 2008

Day Trip Across Tucson

The objective was to return the DirecTV HD/DRV receiver to Best Buy and exchange it for one that might not mess with our sound and picture. (We gave up on getting HD programming until we decide on a solution, or Kingdome comes up with something.) We drove the 15 or 20 miles one way across town to the Best Buy store that was supposed to have 4 of these receivers. Problem was, the person who told us they had 4 didn't actually call this store to verify that fact. Yep, they were out. No store in Tucson has them. The new plan involves ordering one from DirecTV and sending this one back to them. Interesting note, when we first talked to them about getting this receiver, they told us they don't even ship these anymore, just go get one at Best Buy. It seems like every person we talk to at DirecTV has a different story to tell....

Otherwise, we've had a fine day. I put together a beef stew in the new crockpot. It turned out quite good, very tasty.

We rested a little and worked on organizing a little. The biggest job that must get done before we can leave is getting the outside compartments all finished. We still have several items that are still sitting outside that need to go in there.

I noticed some blooming cactus on the way home this afternoon, so I went back to the area with the camera to get some pictures.

I'm not sure what kind of cactus this is, but it looks like a small barrel cactus.

This isa cholla just starting to bloom.

More little flowers.

The Saguaros will bloom - eventually. We won't see them in bloom this year.

Golden Gate mountain, covered with green, healthy Saguaros. It's hard to see the red tips, but the Ocotillo are still blooming.

Another busy day in the life!

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