Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're Ready

When spiders have taken up residence in the space between the slide top and it's awning, it really must be time to move on! I've been "dusting" the outside of the motor home for the past 3 days. I have displaced (thank goodness!) quite a few spider webs with their residents. I guess the ones that are left, or come back overnight, will get left behind in the wind. We can always hope!

Seven weeks ago today, we pulled in here. I think that's plenty of time in one spot.

It has been a good visit with friends and family. We've accomplished much of what we wanted to get done. We will most definitely miss those friends and family as we move on, but the good news is we'll see some of them soon at the family reunion in Amarillo. At the rally we'll also be seeing a lot of new friends, plus some we haven't seen for quite awhile. Life moves on, and we're ready for it.
This was the scene the day we drove here from Las Vegas, New Mexico, April 12:

Fountain Creek a few weeks ago:

The tulips have come and gone.

And, here's Fountain Creek a few days ago:

We'll see you down the road!

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Mark and Dortha said...

Thank God, the seasons come and go and with each His promise of old endings and new beginnings. Great pictures. I know you are ready to move on, as I am ready to just move. We are looking forward to getting to meet you, Jim, and all the others. Safe travels until then.