Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bahia Kino, Mexico

We hung out, walked a little, drove around a little, visited, and not a lot else today.

This is a view of cactus by Estrela Bay, which is one of the prettiest places in this area.

We found out that the bird's nests we saw yesterday are Osprey, and here's one at the nest.

The pier was damaged, probably by a hurricane, but is being rebuilt.

This little church sits up on a hill by itself, nothing else around it. This was taken from our window. That's a palm frond in the foreground.

Our group got together for dinner this evening. We went to a local place call El Pargo Rojo. I had scallops, Fred had chicken and everyone else had shrimp.

Here's everyone outside after dinner.

JoAnn baked her famous chocolate cream cheese pie and shared it with the group at the Wishnie's rig after dinner.

Today was our last day in Bahia Kino, and our last day of traveling with the Wishnies and Dubrouillets. They are heading towards Alamos tomorrow, while we are heading back to Tucson. We've enjoyed our time in Mexico, but need to get back to the states to be in contact with Jim's daughter. We will miss traveling with our group. However, we have established some great and lasting friendships! Safe Travels, guys! See you down the road.

So, tomorrow is moving day again. We are hoping for a smooth travel day back to the U.S.

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