Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day Trip to Guaymas

Both dogs look all neat and spiffy now, at least for a day or two. They will soon look scruffy and in need of cleaning up though, they are just like a couple of kids. Maybe that's one reason I like to keep them around. They seem to keep me on my toes and feeling young.

As I was finishing the grooming, our traveling companions stopped by and we chatted for awhile about our plans to go to Bahia Kino on Monday. Jo and Fred have not had much of a chance to get out and see the area around San Carlos because they've been battling the flu since we got here, yet they both said they're fine with heading out on Monday as planned. The talk turned to what shall we do today. It was decided to take a short day trip to Guaymas (pronounced Way-mous or Wy-mous), which is about 28 kilometers (approx. 13 miles) from here. JoAnn and Doug and Jim and I piled into the little Saturn and away we went. Jo and Fred opted for another day of rest here.
As we neared the town of Guaymas, we decided it was getting close to lunch time, meaning the first order of business would be to find a restaurant. JoAnn suggested Los Barcos in the central part of the town near the harbor because she heard it was good. And it was. Here is the outside of the place.
We sat at a table bordering the little outside garden area. Doug, JoAnn and Jim enjoy the chips and hot! salsa.

Looking out the front windows, we could see the harbor across the street. Doug and JoAnn enjoyed their lunch, as we did.

After lunch we walked a few blocks to find the Mercado Municipal (City Market). This is looking at the Mercado building across a busy intersection.

Inside the market we found tightly packed vendors with all kinds of wares. It reminded me a little bit of the Mesa Market that we visited in Mesa, Arizona last winter, only with a distinctly Mexican cultural feel.

Here JoAnn and Doug pass a fruit and cheese vendor.

We then set off down the street, in search of more interesting sights. This was an interesting building, I couldn't resist this picture. Turns out it is an old, closed, bank.

Another couple of blocks down the street we spotted the Iglesia de San Fernando (San Fernando Church). This little square is on the side of the church.

Across the street is another square, where we can see the front of the church. You might be able to see the dragon shapes in the light post. JoAnn, Doug and Jim are standing in the square in front of the church.

My Tres Amigos, JoAnn, Doug, and Jim

We found the Plaza Tres Presidentes. Three Mexican Presidents came from Guaymas. This plaza must be a popular place for rallies and such. It is big and very empty. I can just imagine thousands of people gathered here for speeches or celebrations, etc.

Back towards the harbor and our car, we found this interesting statue of a fisherman. Since I don't read Spanish, I'm not sure of the story, but it is a very interesting statue.

It was siesta time then, so we headed back to the car and piled in for the short drive back to San Carlos. Back at home, we settled in for some reading and relaxation.

Another beautiful day!

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