Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Bit of This and That

There wasn't much of a plan for today. Of course, being Superbowl Sunday, the game would be showing on our tv too, just like a whole bunch of others across the country. I always hope for some new, entertaining commercials. Neither one of us has a big favorite in the game one way or the other.

Anyway, we got up and around as usual. We did our little housekeeping tasks and then went for a walk in the desert. In the old days, when I had a job, the route I drove to work included a little spot where I would round a curve and face Pikes Peak at such an angle that didn't include hundreds of houses and buildings in the way. I never got tired of seeing that mountain range in its endless variety. Sometimes the sun would just be hitting it and it would be a brilliant shade of pink/orange. Sometimes the sun was high and the Peak would be covered with blinding white snow. I always noticed it and thought I'd never feel the same way about any place as I did "my" Pikes Peak.

But, every time I walk in the desert, I see that endless variety and majesty of the desert and fall in love with it more every day. I keep trying to capture the sense of it in pictures. These are a few from today's walk.

Jim had a pork tenderloin to grill. He soaked his wood chips and got his grill out. By that time, though, the wind was up and we decided we'd do an inside cooking job instead. It turned out quite tasty, anyway.

Here's a hint at how windy it is.

I looked out the front window a while ago and the sun was shining on this rock formation near the top of the mountain we face. There's a technical, geologic term for this, I'm sure, but I don't know what it is. To me, it looks like a chimney sticking out of the top of the mountain.

A day or so ago, we were out walking the dogs and met this little black schnauzer who could be Mr. Bo Jangles' twin! Her name is Jessie. She was visiting from the rv park next door. She's from Denver, but they live in Durango, Colorado now. Mr. Bo Jangles is sure checking her out! We see black mini schnauzers once in a while, but this one was as close to Mr. BJ in size and looks as we've ever seen. (Jessie is facing the camera, that's Mr. BJ's other end facing the camera!)

And so we've had another day of this and that.

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