Friday, February 22, 2008

Grooming Jasmine and A Walk To The Beach

Today's title describes pretty much the whole day. Jasmine was starting to look like something other than a miniature schnauzer, so it was her turn on the grooming table. It got pretty warm with the sun shining brightly on us. I didn't quite get her completely finished, but we'll work on it again tomorrow. A woman from the one of the neighboring rigs asked me if I'm a professional groomer. She has a little dog that she wants to learn how to groom. She asked me if I'd give her some pointers tomorrow. I said no problem, I'll be out finishing Jasmine anyway. I did explain that I am most definitely not a professional groomer, but that my dogs aren't professional dogs, so it all works out. Of course, looking at Mr. Bo Jangles, I see he already needs some trimming, so I started working on him a little bit too. It's unending!

Jim suggested we go have some lunch at La Palapa, a place another of our neighbors here told us about. When we got there, those neighbors were there, just finishing their lunch! They serve mostly Greek food, but have some American dishes too. I had crab cakes and spanikopita.

When we came back, we were relaxing, when Jo and BooBoo, Doug & JoAnn and Fillmore walked by. When we asked where they were headed, they said to the beach. I joined them, so 4 people and 4 dogs strolled over to the beach. I didn't take my camera, so today's pictures are some from yesterday and the day before. We were all ready for more relaxation when we got back.

This is a view of the mountain, Tetas de Cabras, that we see on our way back to the RV park from downtown San Carlos.

This is another view of the marina that we can see from our front window.

This is a little memorial shrine that has been built in the side of a hill at the beach. I sure wish I knew the story behind it. There are pictures and flowers inside, but the structure itself is nearly rusted away.

From the little shrine, turning just slightly left shows this view.

Ah, quiet, peace, and beauty. I could get used to this.

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Tinka said...

I am enjoying all 3 couples blogs about your trip to MX. We are also in MX but we are near Puerto Vallarta. We will be heading to the Tucson area around the middle of March. If you all are in the area at that time maybe we can meet and swap stories. Our blog is RV There Yet. The address is Enjoy your adventure.