Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nogales Revisited

As planned (imagine that) we picked up JoAnn and Doug for our trip down to Nogales, Mexico today for more dental visits. We were glad the appointments were a little later today, so we didn't have to get up and leave before 10. That's more like it!

We were 6 minutes early for Doug's appoinment, scheduled for 11:30. One by one, we each got called in for our appointments and were all finished about 2:30. Doug had a follow up to finish the work that was started last week, and the rest of us had cleaning. It was a different cleaning process than we're used to. The dentist did the cleaning himself. He used a contraption that sprays water to clean the teeth. On mine, he did need to do some of the traditional scraping. Once that was done, he did the polishing. He was very quick and efficient. The cleaning cost $55. Not bad!

This is the street view from the balcony just outside the dental office.

And some of the wares for sale

We made our way back to the border where there was quite a line waiting to get into the US. It moved quickly, though, and we were soon on the road again.

One of our objectives today was to check out the RV park in Nogales, Arizona that we planned to meet the night before we leave for Mexico. The park wasn't listed in the Trailer Life Directory, and there were no reviews on Not good signs, but we checked it out anyway. It turns out to be more of a mobile home park, with no sites available that our three rigs could get into. We decided it didn't look too good so we'd see if we could find the Walmart and park there.

While we were looking for Walmart, we did find a large, empty parking lot very close to the border crossing we'll be using, which is the Mariposa. The lot is across from a Shell service station and we checked with the staff at the store there, no problem for us to overnight. The border patrol is around all night, so it should be safe.

Back in Tucson, we dropped JoAnn and Doug off at their rig and circled around to the site that Kathy and Grant (Birding RVers) had pulled into today. We visited with them a few minutes and then headed back home to let the dogs out and walk for a bit.

We were hosting Jo and Fred and JoAnn and Doug for dinner tonight, the choice was a Chinese Restaurant not too far from here. The food was ok, but the service was terrible. We enjoyed the company though, so it was alright. Jo and Fred are leaving in the morning, so we won't see them until the night before we leave for Mexico. JoAnn and Doug are heading to Casa Grande on Monday to attend the Gypsy Journal rally.

Doug and JoAnn
Jo and Fred
Jim and Ellie

The weather is going to continue to improve for the next few days, so I think I'll be getting outside more!

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