Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last Day in San Carlos

Every day seems to include a little of this and a little of that. Some things are routine, some new and adventurous. I always walk the dogs. We always have coffee and (almost always) start the day slowly. Today we added a few things to get ready to move tomorrow. I vacuumed -- and Jim actually stayed around while I did. He worked on his "blue" jobs such as dumping our tanks, checking the oil and all that fun stuff. Most of my "pink" jobs will be done in the morning. Those include packing up all the "stuff" that accumulates while we're staying put, making sure the tv antenna and satellite dish are down, bars on the fridge shelves, things that are generally inside the rig.

I wanted to go geocaching. Since this was our last full day here, it needed to be today. The guys decided to stay home, so Jo, JoAnn and I set off with the necessary items to find the geocache I figured would be the easiest to get to. It's located on the ruins of the movie set where Catch 22 was filmed in 1969. The location is only about 3 miles from our RV park. This was the first time Jo and JoAnn have been geocaching. When my GPS indicated we were "there" Jo poked around in the pile of small pieces of cement and came up with the find! Inside the box we found a Travel Bug -- my first! Interestingly enough, it's called "Red Rooster" and it started it's journey on a chicken farm in Petaluma, California. I say that is interesting, because an aunt and uncle of mine once owned a chicken farm in Petaluma. I will take good care of the little Red Rooster and will find an appropriate cache for him to continue his travels.

For those who aren't familiar with Travel Bugs, sometimes these are placed in a cache with a particular objective in mind. They are actually a little metal tag, like a dog tag, with a tracking number. They can be attached to some other small item, such as in this instance, a little rooster. The objective for this particular Travel Bug is to keep traveling. Sometimes the objective could be to reach a particular destination, or a specific cache. There is a web page to log the journey of the Travel Bug, just as there is a web page to log finds of a geocache.

Jo, grabbing her first find!

Some of the ruins of the Catch 22 set.

Jo and JoAnn in front of some of the ruins.

I think Jo and JoAnn enjoyed the geocaching, and it was fun to poke around the movie set, although to me it just looked like an informal junk yard with some interesting stone walls.

We then visited Algodones Beach for a little while and watched many locals having a relaxing and fun Sunday. There were certainly a lot more people there today than a few days ago when Jim and I visited.

When we came back, Jo mentioned that she and Fred wanted to eat at La Palapa and asked if the rest of us wanted to go. Sure! So we all had an early dinner there. It was good to see Fred up and around. La Palapa is basically an outside restaurant located right on the beach. The setting is very nice, and the food is quite good. They serve primarily Greek foods, but have seafood and American selections as well.

Fred and Jo decide what they'd like.

JoAnn and Doug, enjoying the setting.

Looking out at the Sea of Cortez from our table. As we sat there, the bartender pointed out several whales nearly as far out as we could see. I watched the spouting for quite a long time. Unfortunately, we were way to far away to get pictures.

These sunset pictures were taken from our rig. This is the view we've had to put up with for a week. Oh, well, someone has to do this.

Tomorrow is moving day!

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