Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting Ready to Roll

Today we spent wrapping up all the little loose ends to get ready to leave tomorrow. We're not traveling far, but when we get to Nogales, we'll be boondocking for a night, at least. Jim grilled the hamburgers and veggie burgers that will be part of our contribution to the last planning get together with our traveling group before we get underway to Mexico early Monday morning.

I went over to the campground laundry room and found it was packed. That was my cue to pack up our laundry and head over Bopp Road to the nearest commercial laundromat. There were a couple of women from this campround who beat me over there after they found the same crowded conditions here. Oh well, we all got our laundry done and went on our way again.

We made our last trip to Walmart to pick up the few things we hadn't already purchased. Jim made one more trip to the storage unit to take the last of the dog food. We read that dog food could get taken on the way back into the US, so we decided not to take extra, just in case. I counted out the number of cups we anticipate using and stored the remainder.

Otherwise it's been a quiet day. The sunshine returned to help dry out the mud and muck from the rain yesterday.

From our last visit to the Saguaro National Park, I took a picture of this interesting Saguaro which has 10 arms. It may be hard to see them all, but they are there! I'll give you the hardest one to see, it's behind the bush on the lower right of the main stem. Oh, and only about two-thirds of this cactus can be seen in this picture. We were standing on a bluff on the edge of a wash, and this cactus was quite a ways down the side of the wash.

Here's a little sliver of moon we could see when the clouds parted.

The Three Amigos Saguaros.

I hope we'll have internet of some sort while we're gone. But, there is a good possibility I won't be able to post my blog every day over the next two weeks. I will be taking pictures and writing each day, but don't panic if you don't see a daily entry from me.

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