Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The To Do List Gets Shorter

A few days ago I reported that I broke down and made a List of things I need to do before we go to Mexico. I can report now that the list is getting shorter. Yesterday I finalized the purchase of Mexican liability insurance for both the motor home and the car. They require a separate policy for each vehicle. It was easy to get, one phone call was all it took. The policies were e-mailed to us immediately. Copies of our passports, all the vehicle registrations, titles and so forth are made. The grocery list is well under way. The maintenance on the rig is done. Tomorrow is propane day. We'll have the Arizona Propane truck stop by and top off our tank. We still need to test our two-way radios and make sure the batteries are good. But we're very close to the end of the list.

Yesterday we were in Tucson and decided to find a Mexican restaurant that Doug told us about, El Charro. It has been in business since 1922. I knew it was somewhere near downtown, but not exactly where. We decided to try to find it. As we were stopped at a light on Broadway, I saw a couple of police officers walking and said to Jim that maybe they could tell us. He actually asked them! One of his rules every day is to not talk to police officers. He told me later that he broke that rule just for me! Anyway, they did know where the restaurant is and gave us quick directions. We were only about 6 blocks away, but would probably not have found it on our own. We enjoyed a late lunch and started back towards Irvington Road to stop at a Fry's grocery store on the way back to the RV park. We were out of coffee!

As we traveled south on one of the main streets of Tucson, traffic was nearly at a standstill. It turns out there was a bad accident at Irvington Road and the street we were on. The entire intersection was closed and traffic was haphazardly being rerouted. It took us about 45 minutes to get around that mess. One thing we've noticed about this area are the crashes. Really bad crashes that close roads and intersections every day. We saw one this morning that had just occurred. Two vehicles were really a mess. As we were passing by, we noticed someone in a truck camper had pulled off the side of the highway opposite where the crash occurred. The occupant of the camper walked back towards the wreck to take pictures! Maybe he has a blog and those pictures will be posted! Kind of gruesome, don't you think?

Today we talked to the dealership where we've looked at new motorhomes. We drove a Phaeton and made an offer on it that was politely refused. So we said our thank yous and came home. We'll just wait a while and see what else happens. We are certainly not in a big hurry. While it would be nice to have a larger home, we are just fine with the one we have now.

We didn't take pictures today, so here are a few more from the Saguaro National Park.

How many Saguaro's can you count?

I never get tired of looking at these majestic giants!

The light of the setting sun reflects on the hills.

And the sun goes down on another beautiful Arizona day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie! I'm catching up with your blog this evening. Just read that you went to El Charro. We love that restaurant! We go there every time we get to Tucson.

We're thinking of going into Mexico with our rig next winter so I will be hitting you up for advice and information later. :)

Barb (aka barbmoe)