Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Resting and Getting Settled in San Carlos

Today was pretty much a resting and getting settled day. We slept in and took our time getting up and around. When we did get out, we drove into the little town of San Carlos, which is actually a few miles from the RV Park. We are situated about 250 miles south of the border from Nogales, Arizona. San Carlos is located on the Sea of Cortez, on the west coast of the Mexican mainland. It's a small town which is winter home to many Canadians and Americans. The landscape is very hilly and rocky. It is more like a desert than a tropical area, but it is pretty warm here. The high today was in the 70's, and it's supposed to warm up to the high 80's in the next few days. The lows at night are in the 50's. Nice.
This is the view down the street in the RV park. The first rig on the left is Jo and Fred's. On the right you can see JoAnn & Doug's truck. We're parked next to JoAnn & Doug, across from Jo and Fred.

After we explored the town a little bit, we decided to go the other direction and see if we could find a beach. A couple of miles past the RV park in the opposite direction from the town, we found a little dirt road that looked as if it might lead to the shore. Yes, it did. I got my beach fix and we had a nice walk.
Here's Jim, with one of the many area islands in the background.

We came back home and relaxed for awhile and then collaborated on a meal of grilled chicken, salad and brown rice.

Before we left the states, we were told it was important to get a surge protector for our rig, since Mexican power can be "iffy". So we spent a fair chunk of change to buy one. This one tests the power, and if it's ok, 2 minutes or so after we plug it in, we have power. It will trip the power if the voltage goes 5% below or 5% above where it's supposed to be. Everything worked fine yesterday, but today our surge protector protected us off and on all day.
Now, why would anyone say Mexican power can be "iffy"? This was actually taken at the marina, not the rv park, but you get the idea.
Later this afternoon, we found out we can cut through the field behind the RV park and walk to the marina. Here's a picture of the park from across the field.
Here's a nice view of the marina.
Around the marina are these interesting lamp posts. This one is dolphins, there are also seahorses and mermaids.
Here's an egret, looking for a snack.

I encourage my readers to follow the blogs of our traveling companions as well as ours, since we aren't together all the time, you'll get some different perspectives of this beautiful location. Check out the Wandering Wishnies for Jo and Fred and Living Our Dream for JoAnn and Doug.

Another great day in the life.

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