Thursday, February 21, 2008

Getting Around in San Carlos, Mexico

Even though we don't speak Spanish, and the price of things seems to confuse us, we're managing to get around and get things done. "How much per pound were those shrimp?" "I'm not sure, they measured them in Kilos". Kilos, pesos, Kilometers, oh my. No matter, really. The beauty and slow pace of San Carlos makes up for any uncertainty about money, distances or whatever.

At some point yesterday, the idea came up to pot luck dinner tonight with everyone bringing shrimp to grill. There's a little stand behind a local restaurant, "Tony's" that is very popular here. Tony has fresh shrimp, fish, salsa, vegetables, fruits and many other items. We headed down there this morning to get our contribution for dinner tonight.

The first stop, though, was at the "Super Mercado" to pick up a 5 gallon jug of purified water. We'll use this water for making coffee, brushing teeth, and washing dishes so we can stretch the clean water in our water tank.

Here's Jim carrying the water. There's a very beautiful little church in the background.

Every time we drive through San Carlos, I see this bar, called "Froggy's". It always makes me think of Froggi Donna, a very special woman who is a solo full timer I had the opportunity to meet in December. We stay in contact through e-mails and each other's blogs. This is for you, Donna!

This is Tony's stand. Tony is the man in the stripped shirt with the white hat.

One of Tony's helpers is setting out fruit. In the coolers on the table behind the helper there are all kinds of food being kept chilled.

Once we'd returned to the rig with our goodies, it was time for a walk to the beach. This little beach is just a short walk from the RV Park.

This is a great example of the different landscapes so common in the area. This hill would be right at home in dry Arizona, but here it is on the shore of the Sea of Cortez. See the cactus on the left?

You can tell the dogs went with us on the walk, this one is a tired puppy!

Jo and Doug are visiting by our rig, waiting for the shrimp to be grilled.

We put together a yummy dinner that included marinated, grilled shrimp, stir-fried vegetables, brown and wild rice, fruit, chips, dip, and a peach cobbler for dessert. Jo, JoAnn, and I all made our own separate recipes for marinade for the shrimp so we had a variety of tastes. Fred was not feeling well, so he didn't join us this evening. We sent a bag of grilled shrimp home with Jo in case he decides he wants some later, or tomorrow.

We go at a pretty slow pace around here. Yet, the week seems to be zooming by.

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Donna McNicol said...

Awwwww, thank you! Great photos, glad everyone is having a good time.