Friday, April 18, 2008


We have been here a week tomorrow. During that time we've been pretty much on the go most of the time. We did take part of yesterday to chill out, much needed time! Of course, the weather helped us along on that quest! This is what we woke up to.

The tree right outside our door:

Our car:

Wednesday night, Ann & Bob (Sister & Brother in law) and friends, Karen and Chris, came for dinner. Here's the dinner buffet. Chris is seated on the couch, Karen and Bob are standing:

Today turned out to be a good day in several ways. We were scheduled to go to Camping World to have our Even Brake system completely replaced. When we left Tucson, the Motor Home Monitor was completely dead. We weren't getting any signal at all. We contacted the Colorado Springs CW and they called Roadmaster. Turns out the system was still under warranty. Because it's changed so much in the 2 years since we bought it, they needed to replace all components - at no charge to us.

Our appointment was set for 10:30, but of course, Jim was eager to get there early, so we were ready to pull out by 9:30. Guess what! I got to drive the rig - by myself -- from the campground to Camping World! I stopped at the propane filling station on the way out of the campground, and then drove the half mile or so to CW. Jim led the way in the Saturn. I was so excited - and a little bit nervous. I'd driven this rig on the test drive, but the salesman and Jim were right there with me. I'm determined to be able to handle this rig on my own, so every chance I get to practice is good. I did great! At least I didn't scrape any signs or trees, and got us out of the campground, through an intersection (with construction going on), down the road and into the Camping World parking lot.

We got the system replaced and were on our way in a couple of hours. Jim took over the driving, and I brought the Saturn back to the campground. He went on to the truck stop down the highway to fill up with diesel and have the rig washed. The diesel set us back about $230 for just over half a tank, but the wash was only $63!

I took a walk around the campground to get some pictures.

This is the office building:

On the lower level, there are some really nice tent sites:

Last night in the RV-Dreams chat room, Dee was asking about the proportion of 5th wheels to motor homes. Here's a picture of our row. Our motor home is first on the right, and the next several rigs are 5th wheels.

We've spotted several critters today. Rabbits (I tried last evening to get pictures of them playing, but they didn't turn out), Canadian Geese, 2 coyotes, 3 mule deer, and an assortment of birds. I heard a meadow lark, but couldn't spot it.
We went out to eat Linner at On the Border, then walked across the parking lot to Borders Books so Jim could see about the latest copy of Chili Pepper magazine.
A very nice Friday!


Donna McNicol said...

Way to go Ellie!!! Glad Roadmaster stop by their product....they did for me as well...more in blog later tonight.

Janna and Mike said...

Good for you Ellie! I drive our rig some on the open road having to have a little guidance when I start into a gas station, etc. That white stuff looks terrible--we will be seeing some of it I am sure in about 2 weeks.
Mike & Janna

Bob and Molly said...

Great job driving Ellie... I know just how you feel! :) Practice is very good!
Molly & Bob

Tumbleweed Dee said...

Congrats on driving the rig!! I can't wait to learn everything there is in the rig, whatever it will be. Good job!

Karon said...

Ellie, Yipee!!!!!!! You drove the rig. Way to go! I'm so proud of you.

The snow is beautiful but I hope it doesn't hang around long unless you have plans to build a snowman.:)

Safe travels dear friend.
Love, Karon

dreamjosie said...

You go girl. Glad to see you got to drive the Castle. Must have been a lot of fun.