Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still Going, and Meeting New Friends

I got a good walk in yesterday morning. The lower level of the campground is still empty, so it's nice to be able to walk the whole area. I can zig-zag through empty sites or walk all around the perimeter. I did cut one loop short because there were two Canadian Geese in the area and I didn't want to disturb them, so we cut out part of that loop. I did two laps, so my endurance is increasing. It's a peaceful time around 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning. There are a lot of birds around, and a few squirrels and rabbits as well. The critters provide lots of entertainment for the dogs!

When I got back from the walk, it was time to do my morning chores and straighten the place up a bit for our company - daughter Robin and grandson Jacob were coming for hamburgers at lunchtime. While I was doing that, Bob called to see if we wanted to go to their house for dinner and a few games of cards that evening. We love to play cards with them, so of course that was a yes. Their daughter and granddaughters wanted to come see our new home, so we made arrangements for them to stop by sometime during the day.

Another little activity I wanted to follow up with yesterday was the delivery of our replacement Directv receiver. When we were in Tucson, the service folks at LaMesa told us one of our problems with the tv was being caused by the receiver and we needed to replace it. We'd called Directv and had them send us a new one. It was supposed to have been delivered Friday. When I checked the FedEx web site, there was a note that they'd attempted delivery, but the business was closed. That pretty much set me off, since the business was definitely not closed. I made a phone call and spoke with a manager. The end result was that the "owner" of this route went and picked up our receiver and brought it out to the campground himself.

We got that set up and working after Robin and Jacob left. Then it was time to go to Ann & Bob's for dinner and cards. Dinner was good, but the guys won the card games. We play three different games - cribbage, canasta, and spades. The women partner against the men in cribbage and canasta. Even though we lost, we had a good time.

Yesterday, we also set up the window bird feeder we bought from Linda Payne of RV-Dreams. The last time we had it out was in Tucson, and we didn't have any birds visit us there. Almost as soon as we hung it and came inside, the house finches were at it.

This morning was another great walk morning, even though the wind was already up. The geese were still there too, but they'd moved a little further down, so I didn't cut out much of the loop. I got two loops in again. It's about time to increase my distance again!

Today was a special day because we were expecting Ginger and Jesse Hamon, of Pueblo, Colorado, to visit. They've been reading our blog for awhile now and contacted us when they knew we'd be in town. They've also met Howard and Linda of RV-Dreams. Retirement is coming up for both of them on May 23 and they plan to be on the road right afterwards. They are still trying to sell their house in Pueblo West so they can become fulltimers. I fixed a couple of snacks and they got here around 2:00 this afternoon. We visited all afternoon, comparing notes and stories and having a great time. They've just started a blog, called RV Travels in Kram-a-lottinn. We piled in their SUV and headed over to the local Applebees this evening for a nice dinner before they needed to head back home.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and hope to spend some more time with them while we're here. They'll also be at the RV-Dreams rally in June, so we'll spend more time with them then.

Here are Jesse and Ginger:

We're still keeping busy and having a great time!

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Anonymous said...

Good more people to meet. I will have more friends than I have ever had in my whole life!! Being in Management never did afford me many friends. This is my chance to shine...My kids didn't even like me LOL