Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Watching Birds & Enjoying Friends

Yesterday was house-cleaning day. As I took a break, I noticed Jim had filled the bird feeder again. The birds empty it almost as fast as we can fill it. The dogs don't take much notice, generally. However, I guess a movement caught Mr. BoJangles' eye and he jumped up on the couch next to me to see what it was. Of course, Jasmine had to follow along and see what the excitement was about.

Later in the afternoon, a friend we both worked with at the Utilities stopped by for a short visit. It was nice to see Mike!

Our friends, Louis and Marie, were coming for dinner. We haven't seen them since Jim's retirement party in 2006. I worked with Louis when we were installing new software at the Utilities. He is very sharp -- both in wit and intelligence. Marie is originally from Sweeden. Although she is soft-spoken, her wit and intelligence are every bit as sharp as Louis. We were happy to see them and spend time getting caught up. Louis is very interested in this rv-ing lifestyle. Marie is a little more hesitant, but after seeing our coach, she may be a little more interested in exploring the possibilities.

Here they are with the dogs.

After a great evening of conversation, laughs and recollections, they said good night, with tentative plans for us to visit their home in a week or so.

Every week, I get a little report from Sitemeter, providing me with all kinds of statistics about who's reading my blog. I've noticed the number of readers has gone down slightly the past two weeks. Maybe since we're not traveling and having great adventures on the road, we've become boring - all this sitting still, cleaning house and visiting! We'll try to step up the adventure quotient! Or, maybe people are getting out in the spring weather and enjoying their own adventures.

We're still having a great time in this life!


JoyceTravels said...

I'm here!!! I only log on a couple of times a week now that we aren't moving though! I read all the blogs at once!

Speedy said...

Hey you can do both. Sherri and I walk most everyday and I still read you journal at night. I have to know what my friends are doing! Keep the journal going may seem boring to you but I enjoy being a peeping tom on your life..LOL

Speedy and Sherri