Friday, December 26, 2008

Back to "Normal"

The day after Christmas...I had many comments on my little poem, and I thank you all! We had a great time with our son, daughter and grandson. But the time flew so fast and they are already back in their own homes this evening. We visited with Jim's aunt & uncle on Christmas day, then came back and played all afternoon.

Today has been a day of getting back to our "normal" routine. I went to the Weight Watcher's meeting this morning. I was happy to see that I lost a little over a pound this week. After the meeting, I came home and Jim & I went to Walmart to pick up my prescription and a few groceries. It was pretty crowded, but things moved along pretty well in spite of that.

I stayed home and cleaned a little while Jim went back out to do the laundry. Since we've had some really cold weather, we've gone through our warm clothes, which means we had an extra load or so to get done. The wind was blowing really hard all day, so I didn't put a lot of energy into cleaning because it seems as soon as I dust something, it's covered with dust again!

Jim talked me into using one of our Christmas gift cards at Applebees for dinner tonight, which I was glad to do. With all of the activity around here lately, I'm finding that I'm pretty tired and ready to have a night of relaxation!


Randy and Terry said...

Wow, Ellie! Losing weight during the holidays is very impressive - good for you!

Susan and Sam said...

Hi Ellie and Jim!
So glad to meet you. Ellie, I saw you postings on the WW forum. I enjoyed reading your blog, and especially liked the poem for RV'ers.
See ya on the WW forum!