Sunday, December 21, 2008

They're Here!

I guess it's true, no matter how old our children get, we still worry and fuss over them. At least, I do. I knew they would be getting in late last night after a long day of driving from Colorado Springs to Burleson. The last time I talked to Robin by phone was around 10:30 last night. They were not far out of Fort Worth, so I figured they'd make it before midnight, and I went on to bed. We'd arranged for them to stay at a hotel just up the road from us, and I'd e-mailed detailed instructions on navigating the access roads on the interstate to get there. I told Robin to call if they had any problems, and if I didn't hear anything I'd know they were in safely.

Josh called me this morning, earlier than I thought I'd hear from them. They came on over around 10:00 this morning, and we spent most of the day playing Guitar Hero amidst visiting and catching up on all the news.
In the middle is grandson Jacob (Robin's son), with son Josh and daughter Robin in the background, watching the screen as Jacob plays the song.

Here's Jacob, trying to impress his Uncle Josh by playing the guitar behind his head!

I cooked a pot of spaghetti while Josh, Jacob, Robin and I took turns playing songs. Robin told me later that they are pretty impressed with my playing skills - I told them, "Mom Rocks!"

Late this afternoon we piled into the car and went to Ruth and Wayne's (Jim's aunt and uncle) house for drinks and dessert. We enjoyed the visit with them and the sugar free goodies they provided.

We aren't sure what the plan is for tomorrow, but it doesn't really matter. The kids are here and all is well.


Randy and Terry said...

So glad the kids got there safely! Enjoy your time with them. Merry Christmas!!

Mark and Dortha said...

Enjoy the kids.


Gypsy said...

Ellie I can sure relate to the joy of being with the kids. Hope your holidays are super.