Saturday, December 13, 2008

Travel Day to Burleson, Texas

We don't say "Good-Bye" in this lifestyle, instead we say "See You Later" to friends we've traveled with. Karon and Dan moved across Belton Lake today, and we moved to the RV Ranch at Burleson, Texas. We'll miss them, but we know we'll see them again before long. Oh, yes, now I can report on Dan's Christmas present - we got him a new fishing rod and reel, and a T-Shirt. For those who've met Dan, you may know he likes to wear T-shirts with "interesting" statements. This one has a little stick figure on the front, and it says, "It's funny you think I'm listening."

Today we traveled 111 miles and got 8.7 mpg. We left Cedar Ridge at about 10 a.m. and pulled into RV Ranch about 12:15.

This park is right on I-35W, so we will be getting used to traffic noise for a few days. After the quiet time we spent at Rainbow Plantation in Alabama and Cedar Ridge at Belton Lake, this is major culture shock! We're parked in the new section of the property, where the sites are arranged so that 2 rigs share a triangle-shaped yard. Right now there isn't anyone parked in our "Buddy" site, we'll see how that works out if someone does move in. In the picture below, you can see our Phaeton pulled in facing the camera. If someone does take the other site, they would be parked facing the opposite direction.

After we got set up, we called Jim's aunt and uncle and arranged to meet them for an early dinner at a Cracker Barrel not far from their house. We got caught up with their activities since we saw them last summer, had a decent meal that I didn't have to cook, and then came back home to relax.

With the wind blowing dust all over the place, the sky put on some nice colors at sunset:

Now we're settled in for the evening and the dogs have quit looking for the deer!

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