Monday, December 29, 2008

Out To Lunch

It was chilly when we got up this morning. We knew it was Monday from the traffic and the construction workers that were back on the job right behind our motor home this morning. The rv park is having more cabins built, and the guys working on them are on the job almost every day, rain or shine.

We did our usual morning routine. I'm trying to establish a habit of doing my Wii Fit every morning after the dog walk, dog feeding and coffee drinking. That Wii time sure cuts into my morning computer time, but I have a feeling it's more healthy for me! I've heard that you need to repeat an activity for at least 21 days before it starts to become a habit, so I have 18 more days before it's set.

Jim wanted to get the car washed - including the engine. We recently got the oil changed at Walmart and they made quite a mess of the job. They didn't get the filter tightened very well, so we had oil all over the place. He left in search of a car wash where he could hose off the engine.
While he was gone, I worked on cleaning the floors. I had not mopped them since before the kids came, and I'm sure I could hear them crying to be cleaned. With all the blowing dirt around here, there's always a layer of dust on everything, so I took care of the dusting too. Jim got back with a clean car before I was finished, so he worked on putting away the Christmas boxes and rearranging some compartments while we waited for the floor to dry. By this time it was sunny and very warm.

We talked to Aunt Ruth and made plans to meet them at Red Lobster for a late lunch. Uncle Wayne's sister, Sue and Jim's cousin, Glenda joined us. Lunch was really good - grilled shrimp, rice and broccoli. Oh, yes, and one cheese biscuit, which cost me as many points as the rest of the meal. It was worth it, though.

This is the whole gang, Sue, Wayne, Ruth and Jim in the front, and Glenda in the back between Sue and Wayne.

After lunch, they all stopped by the motor home for a while to visit.
Jim is feeling down tonight because there's no Monday Night Football, but at least there's a bowl game on, so he can wean himself gradually. Whatever will we do on Monday nights now!

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