Friday, December 12, 2008

Winding Down Another Adventure

Today was our last day at Cedar Ridge COE Park in Belton. Tomorrow we'll be heading North (!) to Burleson, Texas. This has been a good time, we've enjoyed reconnecting with our friends, Karon and Dan. We've had some fun, as well as providing some support while they face some challenges with Dan's health. He seems to be doing well, and Karon is renewed and reenergized a little bit.

Today just seemed to slip on by. It was about 27 degrees this morning when we got up, but it warmed quickly and turned into a nice, warm day. I did my Wii Fit, caught up on some blog reading, listened to some Christmas music, made soup, walked, and visited with Karon. She made 2 pecan pies - one using Uncle Bubba's recipe and one a lower calorie version. Jim wrapped up all the outside stuff, like chairs, yard art, bird feeder, water hoses and so forth.

I made dinner for the 3 of us, Dan was not up to joining us. We celebrated Christmas with Karon, exchanging gifts. She and Dan gave Jim a selection of True Texas Salsa and a little chocolate, and they gave me the Smithsonian Handb00k of Birds - what a wonderful treat!

Thank you, Karon and Dan!

We gave Karon a basket with various aromatherapy products, which she was going to try right away. I can't tell you what Dan's present is, because he hasn't opened it yet!

The peace and quiet, birds and deer have reenergized us too, now I think we're ready to get back to "City Life" for a little while. See, another thing I love about this lifestyle is we get to have both - peace and quiet in the country and the hustle and bustle of city life when we want that.

The sunset over Belton Lake from a few days ago:

On to the next adventures!

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Karon said...

Ellie and Jim,
Thank you!!

I love you both,