Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dogs, Deer, and Night Skies

It's been a pretty full couple of days here in Texas. Yesterday was our Weight Watchers meeting, but before that, Karon needed to take Dan to the VA Hospital in Temple for an appointment. I needed to take the dogs to the groomer. Yes, it's true, I gave myself and the dogs a break and took them to a professional groomer. It's the first time that Jasmine has ever been to a groomer, and many years since Bo Jangles has been. They were pretty excited, that is, until I left them there!

On to Weight Watchers. Karon and I drove separately and met there. We both celebrated a loss, so that was good. We had a fun time at the meeting. I enjoy getting different perspectives as we travel across the country and I get to attend different meetings. I always feel welcomed at the meetings and I learn something new each time I go.

Karon went back to get Dan after the meeting, and I decided to get some errands done while I waited for the dogs to be finished. This is the same groomer that Karon took KD to last week, and I liked her, so decided it would a good idea to take Jasmine and Bo Jangles. She had KD done in about an hour and a half, so I didn't think it would be more that 3 or 4 hours for my two. I spent the time shopping at Petsmart for new food dishes and food for BoJangles. Then I had a sandwich at Subway and headed to Target to see what I could see there.

I made a few purchases and was just checking out when the groomer called to let me know my "kids" were ready. I went to pick them up and spent a few minutes visiting with Michelle. She did a very nice job on both dogs. She gave me lots of detail about how they behaved and so forth, which I really appreciate. They both need a little more nail trimming, and she encouraged me to take them back to her before we leave here and she will do a nail trim for no additional cost.
Jasmine and Bo Jangles relaxed after their appointment:

Today I spent attacking ants! While I was out and about yesterday, Jim took advantage of the warm weather and washed the motor home. I guess the water attracted the ants, and they marched right up our water hose and made themselves entirely too much at home in our home! We took care of their entry point, and then I cleaned them out.

One of the major activities here at Cedar Ridge is the daily deer feeding. Most of the campers around us have big bags of deer corn that they put out early in the morning, and again in the evening. The deer wait in the trees and then come out to enjoy their meals.

These are either playing or having a little territorial dispute:

A nice, young buck:

The buck and the one we call "One Horn":

Night before last, Jim set up his tripod to get a picture of the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and the moon. This is how it looked to us. Pretty awesome!

I interuppted my cooking this evening to capture the colors of the sunset:

Does it get much better than this?


Mark and Dortha said...

Nice Pictures...we had a great view of the moon and planets. It looked just like you could reach up and touch them.

Hope you got rid of those ants.

Enjoy your stay, it is cold here and the wind is even colder.


Karon said...

No, it doesn't. Isn't life grand!!

Jim, nice shot!

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!
Love you, Karon

Anonymous said...

Great moon picture. What settings do you use to get that?

Janna and Mike said...

Love those Schnauzers! What time of day did you get the photo of the moon and planets? It is 9 degrees here this morning and we are both chomping at the bit to get out here, Jazz more so that anybody!

Speedy said...

Great pictures guys! Dogs look good too. When are you going to the Windstar with all of us. We have to win some money so we can retire next year....LOL

Joe and Sherri

Jenny Johnson said...

Ellie the way to git rid of those ants is to sprinkle some cornmeal on the floor where you see them especially if you know where they are coming in at. I guarantee they will be gone without any sprays or insecticides. Love Jim's phot of the moon I would like to "borrow" it if he doesn't mind.