Monday, December 15, 2008

Life in the Big City

Well, ok, we're not actually IN the city...but we're certainly not out in the country either. We're starting to figure out the routes here on the interstate access roads and where everything is.

Yesterday we braved Walmart to get groceries. We also got our few Christmas decorations put up. It was very windy all day, but it was warm enough to have the door and windows open.

I roasted a turkey breast for dinner while Jim watched football. It was a laid-back, relaxing day. Here's our decorated motor home with lights around the windshield and along the patio:

Today was also windy, but about 40 degrees colder! No windows were open today for sure. Even the dogs wanted to be bundled up:

We got out and did a little Christmas shopping, but got back home as soon as we could. I used leftover turkey to make a King Ranch Casserole which we took to Jim's aunt & uncle's house in Arlington for dinner this afternoon. Here's Ruth and Jim, getting ready to eat:

We left soon after eating so we could hopefully beat the rush hour traffic and the freezing rain that was threatening.
Here's a view of I-35W southbound from the entrance ramp off I 20 West in Fort Worth. We're very grateful that we don't have to make this drive every evening!

We've got the water hose disconnected and put away for the night, as the temperature is expected to get down to the low 20's. The good news is that it's supposed to warm up again in a couple of days. Can't wait!


Gypsy said...

Hi Ellie, I pulled into Treetops RV Village in Arlington yesterday, thinking it was just an overnight stop. The icy conditions forecasted for today make me think I'll be here another day.

Keep warm -

runningmemaw said...

Hi Ellie,

CJ here enjoying a day out of school because of all the ice today! So glad I found your blog again, I've added it to my favorites on my blog so maybe I can keep up a little better!