Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thank You, Kind Stranger!

It sort of warmed up a little today. At least, the motor home wasn't covered with ice this morning, but it was still foggy and drizzly all day. The plan today was to have Mark and Dortha come by around 11 for a little visit before driving us to lunch at Babes, a local eatery, for lunch.

Mark indicated they'd pick us up because they wanted to get a look at the RV Ranch. However, I think it was really so he could see Jasmine! He and Jas really hit it off, and she was so excited to see him!

After we visited for awhile, we went to the restaurant, which is located in downtown Burleson. It's a local favorite, well, at least as far as Mark is concerned! Vegetables, including mashed potatoes, corn and green beans, are served family-style. Each person orders the meat they want. Choices include fried chicken, mesquite smoked chicken, chicken fried steak, chicken fingers, pot roast, or fried catfish. See a trend there? About the most WW friendly choice was the mesquite smoked chicken, which Dortha and I both ordered. Mark had the fried chicken and Jim got the chicken fried steak. We continued our visiting while we ate, getting caught up with each others' activities over the past few weeks.

When it came time for the check, our waitress explained that the gentleman at the table behind us paid for our lunch! It seems she thought we were part of their very large group and put our bill on their tab. When she pointed out her mistake to the gentleman, he told her to just leave it that way. Thank you, whoever you are! We will certainly "pay forward" your generosity.

After lunch, we visited the shops that are located in the same building with the restaurant, then went to a nearby shopping center and looked at several stores. Jim and I bought an electric blanket because I'm tired of being cold at night! Jim doesn't get so cold, and we leave the thermostat turned kind of low at night. I plan to be cozy and warm all night now!


Mark and Dortha said...

Thanks for a great visit. See you soon.


Speedy said...

Hey...I'm back!!! Did you miss me??? My DSL went out..not really I disconnected it and did not hook it back up correctly. Well as things would have it I got sick and then really could not figure out what I did wrong. I lost Debbie's Goode's phone number and had to have Dortha call her...Oh well all is getting back to normal...What is normal in my life?? Maybe I should say getting back to the same. I told Sherri about the Windstar and she is ready when you are...just need to make a plan. I have my $5.00.

Joe and Sherri

Phyllis said...

Hey Ellie - thought it time I try to catch up with ya'll. How great to have an angel pay for dinner. Yesterday I stopped at local C-store and got my morning coffee. Gentleman behind me paid. Never saw him before but wasn't that nice? Sure will have to surprise someone in near future and do the same!