Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Spicy Shopping

Yes, we've gone to the wild side - of shopping, anyway! Today, we drove to Dortha and Mark's house and left our car over there. Mark drove and the 4 of us went spice shopping. They know of a place in downtown Fort Worth, Pendery's. They specialize in all types of chili blends, as well as "regular" spices. They've recently relocated to the little house pictured:

Jim found several blends that he wanted to try, so we added to our already large spice collection.

One of our favorite spices is called Foxpoint, and is a blend carried by Penzey's spices, which has several locations all over the country. We were introduced to Penzey's by some friends we visited in California, and now we have an extensive collection of thier spices.

Their store in this area is located just a little north of Dallas, so after we'd shopped at Pendrey's, we headed over to Penzey's:

We tried to use some restraint in Penzey's, but still came away with several new spice treasures, including a huge, 2-cup jar of Foxpoint. I'm set for awhile with that one! Even though we can order from Penzey's online, I love to shop in their stores because they have "sniffing jars" of their spices on the shelves, so you can smell the spice before buying. I could spend hours in there, just sniffing away.

Lunch was next on the agenda. In the same shopping center with Penzey's, we spied a Spring Creek BBQ, so that was the natural choice. Their BBQ sauce is some of our favorite, so we stocked up on that, too. Dortha and I enjoyed a southwestern grilled chicken salad and the guys had regular meat meals.

On the way back over to Fort Worth, Mark drove us by the old Texas Stadium, then the new stadium, which is almost finished. The new stadium is going up right next to the apartment complex where Jim's mom lived before she became ill. We watched the very beginning of the construction, but had not seen it for more than a year, so it was interesting to see all the progress.

We made a stop at Costco and then headed back to Dortha and Mark's place.

A great day, for sure!

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dreamjosie said...

Hey Ellie,

Bet you didn't know that the headquarters/home office of Penzey's Spices is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Foxpoint is an upscale suburb of Milwaukee and the namesake for that spice blend.

I enjoyed reading your account of spice shopping and your love of their spices today. It is indeed a small world isn't it.