Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Day at Cedar Ridge

For those readers who were at the RV-Dreams rally in Branson last June, you might remember a little number I did in the "Fashion Show" about how I walk my dogs in the morning. Lately, if you've been reading this journal, you've read about walking the Schnauzer Brigade.

Here's how I really walk the dogs in the morning, and here are Karon and I with the Schnauzer Brigade after a 2-mile walk this morning:

After our walk, it was time for a shower and a quick breakfast before a shopping trip to Walmart to stock up. Karon went along with us to the store. Jim went off to the hardware and who -knows-what section, while Karon and I shopped for groceries, talking about Weight Watchers ideas and checking points value of food as we moved through the aisles.

Back home, time for lunch and a little break before my practice session on Guitar Hero. I'm going to be moving up from easy to medium difficulty pretty soon!

I baked an angel food-pineapple cake this afternoon. I had a request to post the recipe, it's pretty easy to do:

1 Box of Angel Food Cake Mix
20 oz. can of Dole Crushed Pineapple in its own juice
Add the pineapple to the dry cake mix (do not add the water that the cake directions call for)
Mix according to box directions
Pour into 13" x 9" glass baking pan
Bake at 350 for about 35 minutes, or until top is crusty and dry to touch.
The cake turns out more dense than regular angel food cake.
Cut into 12 servings for 3 WW points each, or 15 servings for 2 WW points.

After another dog walk, Jim and I wandered over to sit awhile in this "porch swing" that sits in the field behind our site:

We enjoyed the sun and looking at the lake for a little while, then wandered over to these stairs...

...that lead down to this fishing dock:

We went down to the dock and looked around at the view from the bottom of the cliffs. If you look closely, you might be able to see the fence along the top, that's the edge our back yard:

Then we came back and fixed our supper. While we were waiting for our meal to be ready, we saw these deer, waiting for their supper. Campers often put out corn for the deer.

It's been a fun, busy day!


Randy and Terry said...

Sounds like you all are having a good time. I'm sure Karon is thrilled to have you there. Great pic of the deer!

Speedy said...

This looks like a place I would like to spend some time at. I will look it up and check it out. Thanks for the pictures. Our first year out may be close to home until we get a plan together. There are a lot of places to see here in Texas and you have shown me one of them.


Joe and Sherri