Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Maintenance on the Motor Home

We didn't have much excitment today, unless you count me filling and draining the fresh water tank 3 times to clean and sanitize it. Jim changed the oil in the generator and ran it for about 30 minutes. He also tried to fix the "porch" light and ended up not only not fixing that, but losing power to about 6 lights inside! So he already has his project lined out for him tomorrow. He thinks it's just a loose connection, I hope he's right.

I went to the store and got salad fixings for our pot luck dinner tonight. JoAnn and Doug's friends Paulette and Gord from Ottawa arrived yesterday, and we all invited ourselves to their beautiful Everest 5th wheel for a pot luck tonight. Paulette made wonderful fajitas, I made the salad, and JoAnn brought her chocolate chip cream cheese pie. Oh my!

We had the best time, telling stories of our misadventures both in RVing and in life in general. It was a great time! Many of the Canadian folks we've met on the road have been rather quiet and reserved. When JoAnn was talking about their friends, we asked if they are quiet and reserved. JoAnn just laughed. After tonight, I understand. They are quite the opposite. But very much like all of the Canadians we've ever met, very nice folks with big hearts!

Gord is standing next to Doug, then JoAnn, and Paulette.

More excitment is on the agenda tomorrow. Let's see, there's laundry to do. We also need to start making copies of all our paperwork for Mexico. And, I need to get a handle on meal ideas and grocery lists. Sounds like some great adventures!

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Debbie and Rod said...


We also have an Everest. Your friends' RV looks exactly like ours!! Same colors and everything. Too funny.