Friday, February 15, 2008

Rain and Dinner for Eight

The desert is going to be beautiful around here soon! That's my way of presenting a positive attitude about this rain. It started raining sometime during the night, and has rained off and on since then. We've had a couple of short breaks, enough to take the dogs out in between drenchings. Well, almost.

A tradition has begun among some of the RV-Dreams community members. When someone arrives at the same campground where others are already staying, the newcomers are treated to a meal so they don't have to cook on moving day. Today was my turn to cook. As it turns out, JoAnn & Doug, and Laurie & Odel returned today from the Gypsy Journal Rally that was held in Casa Grande, a few miles north of Tucson. Sandra & Gordon arrived yesterday, but wanted to forego the first night dinner, so they joined us tonight. We arranged to have the clubhouse reserved so that we'd have space to move around. Eight people in a motorhome would be a little crowded.
Here are JoAnn and Sandra chatting.

I baked sea bass with lemon and fresh dill , made oven-fried sweet potato fries, sauteed zucchini, and fixed a huge salad. I prepared everything at the motorhome and took it over to the clubhouse. I think everyone enjoyed it. We certainly enjoyed the company!

Laurie brought her computer over to share some of the pictures she and Odel took on their trip to Mexico last year. They've been very helpful in sharing information and tips with us for our upcoming trip.
Standing are Sandra, Gordon and Odel. Seated are Jim, Ellie, and Laurie.
We got back and got the kitchen cleaned up in a jiffy. That's one thing about living in an RV. It's critical to clean things up pretty quickly. However, it's very easy and quick to get it done.
This is what my kitchen looked like when we got home. Kind of a mess!
It's all been cleaned up now though, and we can relax and listen to the rain falling....

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dreamjosie said...

I tried to leave this comment for you yesterday, but apparently I left it on Sandra's blog instead. That's what happens when you try to read 3 blogs at one time.

Anyway, wow, Ellie. From all the blogs, it sounds like you did an amazing job with dinner. I'm bummed we couldn't be there with you.

See you soon.