Friday, February 1, 2008

RVers of the Month, and Mexico Dreaming

A big Thank You to RV Resources, for featuring our blog as the RVer's of the month. Scroll down on their home page and you'll find us! I'd like to invite my readers to check out their website for many helpful resources! You can find anything from Checklists to Safety to RV Dealerships and much more on their extensive list of resources.

As promised, we slept in yesterday. Actually, by the time we got up and around, it was almost time to go to lunch with my friend, VG. I've known her for about three years through a web forum we both belong to, but it was our first time to meet in person. She lives in PEI, Canada, but has friends all over the world. She's been visiting in the Tucson area while her house in PEI is buried in the snow. Good plan! We had a great visit. She's invited us to park in her driveway when we get up that way. I like that plan, we'll just wait until it's warmer there, though.

Here are VG and me, having a good laugh.

We had dinner with the Wishnies and Dubrouillets last evening. Fred prepared a scrumptious shrimp dish! Jo baked the best apple pie ever. We discussed our proposed Mexico trip, and it's looking like a go. We've started the process of gathering the information on what we need, as well as making appointments. I made an appointment to get health certificates for the dogs. We've called the bank that has the loan on the motorhome to get the required permission letter to take the motorhome across the border. We've called our bank so they can note we'll be traveling in Mexico so they won't stop us from using our cards there. We've made an appointment to have some maintenance done on the rig before we go. We've checked on Verizon phone service, there is none in the area we're visiting. Yikes! Hopefully, the Wishnies will be able to get their satellite internet, and they can allow us access to their network. Otherwise, I'll just have to lay on the beach and forget about communicating with the outside world for 2 weeks. We have reservations at a campground in San Carlos. We have our passports. Wow, that's progress.

Jo, JoAnn, Jim, BooBoo, Me, Doug, and Fred discuss the trip over dessert and coffee.

Today, we've done some shopping for maps and books. We also made it to the grocery store and got the oil changed in the car. Real exciting stuff. Actually, I missed the most exciting event of the day. We drove over Gates Pass, which is a beautiful mountain road from Tucson Mountain Park over to the business areas of Tucson. I was on the phone with son Josh when something crossed the road in front of the car in front of us. Jim was wildly pointing, but didn't say anything since I was on the phone. I was concentrating on the conversation and didn't see what he was pointing at. I finally did get a glimpse of the animal as it wandered off the side of the road, but I thought I was seeing a coyote. I didn't know it was a bobcat until much later in the day when we were talking about the conversation with Josh. I commented to Jim that the coyote we saw this morning looked pretty well fed. That's when he told me it wasn't a coyote, it was a bobcat. Darn!

Our weather has been chilly for a couple of days here, but today has been sunny and fairly warm. I think we have a couple more days of warm weather before the next cold front comes through. I hope so, I am looking forward to some good walks out in the desert.


Karon said...

Ellie and Jim,
Congratulations on being RVers of the Month!!! That is so neat.
Love you!

Donna McNicol said...

Congratulations on Rver of the Month!!! Love that first desert photo...award winning shot!