Saturday, February 2, 2008

We Lose Some Weight Today

The day got started without us again. The sun was shining brightly by the time we got into our first cup of coffee. I had the idea to get the laundry done early, before the laundry room got all crowded. We were low on quarters, but the campground owner assured us yesterday that they have plenty of change. So, feeling quite confident, I started two loads of laundry with the last of our quarters. Oops, no one was at the office yet. I ended up driving about 20 miles round trip to the Safeway store where there's a branch of our bank. Loaded down with quarters, I got back to the laundry room and found 2 other people there. Luckily, there was one more washer empty, so I got my 2 loads put in dryers and started three more loads.

While I was running around getting the laundry all set, Jim went through his closet and some of our seemingly endless office supplies. He filled a large box with clothes and other "stuff" to send to his aunt and uncle in Texas. When I had the laundry all finished, he decided to take the box to UPS to send. He was also going to run by Camping World to buy a surge protector which we figure we need anyway, but with the trip to Mexico coming up, we for sure need it. He got hung up in unreal traffic in Tucson, most likely because of the gem show that's here now. He never made it to Camping World! He finally just turned around and came back home.

While he was gone, I started going through cupboards and got a stack of old magazines and other paperwork to throw away. Another stack was books to take to the campground library. That done, I decided I probably could lighten the load a little more by going through some drawers and my closet. I ended up with 8 bags to take to the local Goodwill. I still need to go through our dishes and pantry to see what else we can offload now that we've been on the road a little over a year.

It feels good to keep after the creeping accumulation of "Stuff" that just happens. I don't know how it happens, but stuff keeps finding it's way into the motorhome. Well, we're probably at least 100 pounds lighter tonight. Now, if it were that easy to get pound off us...

We met another blogger today. My dear friend, Karon, has been following Brian's blog, RV Boondocking, for quite a while. She saw he is staying here at Diamond J and sent me an e-mail. Today we met him and chatted for awhile. He's originally from the Tucson area, but has lived in Colorado for quite a while. I enjoyed reading his blog today, learning about some of the creative projects he's undertaken to use the space in their 5th wheel more efficiently. The circle just keeps growing.
I don't have new pictures today, so I found some from previous walks in the desert. Enjoy!

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Donna McNicol said...

Okay, so THIS blog is where I really liked the first desert shot...LOL!

I am so jealous you met Brian. I hope to meet him on the road...recently bought all his books. Been following his blog for quite a while...great guy, super writer!