Friday, December 5, 2008

More Deer and a Day Out

We had a quiet day at home yesterday. While Karon and Dan were at the VA hospital for Dan's tests, I watched KD. It was quite a sight, I'm sure, with me walking the Schnauzer Brigade by myself.

I had a few questions posted on my last entry, so I'll try to answer those.

Regarding the planets/moon picture: That was shot using the bulb setting and holding the shutter manually for about 3 seconds. It was taken between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. Central time.

And, yes, Jenny, you can borrow the picture! Just be sure to put it back when you're done!

Jenny, putting cornmeal on the floor wouldn't work here, because the dogs think any type of food matter on the floor is their exclusive property, put there for their culinary enjoyment, but thanks for the idea!

Joe and Sherri, we'll be in Burleson on Dec. 13, so anytime after that will be great to take a drive up to the casino!

Ok, I think that covers the questions!

Karon "loaned" us their deer corn while they were away yesterday. I put some out last night and this morning. After they'd eaten all they found on the ground, this little buck decided the bird feeder would do for an additional snack. We found a higher branch in the tree for the feeder after he emptied it!

We got out and about for awhile today. It's about time to get a little Christmas shopping done, so we made our way across Temple to the local mall. Getting there was the biggest challenge, because there is road construction in town that has things pretty congested. The mall itself wasn't bad at all. We picked up some "stocking stuffers" and a couple of gifts. We no longer do a lot of gift exchanging, but we still gotta have our stockings stuffed!
This afternoon, we saw "One Horn" go to the motorhome across the street, pick up their near-empty bag of corn, toss it out to the street, and begin his evening meal a little early:

Who says deer aren't smart!
We've been having pretty chilly weather the past couple of days, I'm ready for some warmer temperatures! It was just under 32 degrees when we got up this morning, and the same is predicted for tonight. I know I shouldn't complain, we have friends "up North", but I really do not like it even this cold! Oh well, if that's all I have to complain about, it's a pretty great day!


Mark and Dortha said...

I love the deer.

See you soon. Sounds like Joe is anxious for a Winstar Trip.


Janna and Mike said...

Yes, Ellie, complaining about 32 degrees would not be nice when it was only 18 degrees all day here on Wed!! We are counting the days till we leave.