Monday, December 8, 2008

Wax On...Wax Off...

It was a fine day to wax - cloudy but warm, windy but not too windy. We worked on the driver's side today and got the whole side done:

In case you might think Jim has to do all the work by himself - I take the lower sections since it's easier for me to fit under the slides. Looking pretty shiny!

Here are a few of the deer who regularly show up for their handouts. We've had up to 18 deer right outside our door.
This afternoon, we went to Walmart to pick up a few things. When we got back just after 5, there were 2 deer already in the yard, waiting. They just stood there and watched as I put my things down and opened the sack of corn to get a scoop. They didn't seem concerned at all as I spread the corn for them, and as soon as I came in, about 8 more showed up.
Jim is hoping he'll get a day off to go fishing tomorrow while Karon and I go to our Weight Watcher's meeting. She and I hope to get in some geocaching too, as it's been awhile since we've gone.
What a great day!


Mark and Dortha said...

Some people get to have all the fun while some of us have to work. Hope you and Karon have a great report from WW and I am sure Jim deserves a day off.


Randy and Terry said...

Ellie!! You're making the rest of us wives who don't wax look bad! I'm not letting Randy see this post. ;)

Glad you all are enjoying your time in TX. And it is so cool that the deer come to you.

Take care!

Gypsy said...

Ellie that wax job looks marvelous! When I get to a warmer climate and stay someplace for a while, I will do mine.

One question about the deer corn - where do you store it and has it ever attracted rodents? I worry enough about the dog food.

Speedy said...

Jim, I have to get me a new rod and reel and I will be ready to go fishing with you. All my rigs are old and worn out. When I lived on the lake I use to go all the time. I had my boat out most every day and when the lake was too rough to go out on I fished out of my boat stall. I can't wait to get back fishing again.

Joe and Sherri