Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ahh, That's Much Better!

After a farewell breakfast with the family, we finished our moving routine and started out for our just-over-100-mile journey south on Highway 101 to Lake Cachuma. I'd called them to see if there would be full hook-up sites available. No problem. We arrived early afternoon and picked out a spot. I went back to the gate and paid for a week. This is a little more reasonable, although we did have to pay $3.00 extra per day per dog. That's highway robbery, in my opinion! It took our total from $168 to $216. But that's still less than the $301.50 per week at Wine Country. And, this is much more to our liking! Right now we have no one on either side of us or across from us. But, even if we do get neighbors, they won't be as piled up on top of us as Wine Country either. We're much more comfortable!
After we got set up, I whipped up a loaf of banana nut bread and popped it into the convection oven. While that baked, we took the cameras and dogs out to explore our new neighborhood.
Pictures this week could be a challenge. We're in a "National Access" area of reception with our Verizon Air Cards, so our internet speed is slow. We'll see how it goes with getting pictures uploaded to the site.

Here's our site:

And here's a view of the lake from near our site.

While we were out walking we saw a black & white bird with a red top. I couldn't get a very good picture of it, but figured it is some type of woodpecker. When we came back to the motor home, I was reading Jo Wishnie's journal of the time they stayed here in April. She had pictures of this bird, an Acorn Woodpecker. She also mentioned in her journal that this is the bird that drills the little holes and puts the acorns in the trees - the same type of tree that I'd taken a picture of with the acorns still in it in Paso Robles. Interesting!
We plan to relax this week. The weather forecast is calling for rain starting tomorrow, so we might get quite a bit of rest. Ahhh, life is good!

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Karon said...

The rig has breathing space now and so do you. Glad you are safely out of the RV jungle.