Friday, January 25, 2008

We've Got Mail

Our mail should have been here this past Tuesday. However, as of yesterday, it still had not arrived here at Diamond J Campground. I called the Escapees Mail Service and was told it had been delivered Tuesday. I started getting that uneasy feeling, oh no, not again. I think I was more uncomfortable knowing that there could be tax documents in this mailing. This morning I got up and around and out the door nearly by 8 a.m. so I could get to the post office early to speak with someone there about it.

A nice sunrise today!

I was first in line when the post office opened. The sinking feeling deepened when I was told by the clerk and the carrier that, yes, the mail had been delivered on Tuesday. When I spoke to the carrier, I asked him if it was possible that it could have been delivered to the campground next door by mistake. He assured me that if it had, they would have put it back in the outgoing mail or given it back to him and he had not seen it. I was distressed, to say the least. I was convinced someone had gotten into the big, open mail box here where everyone goes to get their own mail and stolen just ours. Why would someone do that?

I decided to stop at the neighboring campground to check there before I put in a theft report to the postal authorities. Ah Ha! They had it! There it was, just lying in a tray on the desk behind the counter! My only question is why did they hold on to it for 3 days? Oh well, all's well that ends well and we have our mail. Yes, there was a tax document included.

This afternoon I prepared a cassserole for dinner, straightened up the house and did some internet research. Jo Wishnie called to let us know they would be here for dinner a little late. We missed her call because I forgot the phone when we went out for a short walk.
A rig at the neighbor park has these bird feeders out and almost always has a big crowd.

Jasmine is pretty much back to her bouncy self.
Mr. Bo Jangles still needs a hair cut!

The Wishnies arrived at the park just before it got dark. They got set up and walked down to our place for dinner and conversation. They had a long day's drive, so I'm sure they are glad to get settled in to their place tonight.

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