Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rain, Anyone?

Ahhh, rain. A time for reflection, listening to the little popcorn-like sounds of raindrops popping on the roof of the motor home. A time to watch endless football games and rest, trying to shake this cold bug that's got hold of me.

A time to research geocache locations near us, just in case the rain does let up for a few hours. There are about 25 caches near here, of which, on a nice day, we should be able to find at least a few.

A time to catch up on other blogs and see what other folks are up to. I read at least a dozen on a regular basis so getting through them all takes a while!

A little nap, playing with the dogs, knitting.

Last night we had three or 4 really hard rain showers, but they didn't last all night. It was gray and cool this morning, but the rain stopped long enough for a good walk with the dogs. But, this afternoon, the rain started again and has been steady for a couple of hours now.

Tomorrow, rain or shine, we're heading to Santa Barbara. We have gift cards, and there's a mall in Santa Barbara. I need a new purse (yes, the old one will have to go). Jim wants to look for a small drill for his tool box. I'm also due for an ocean fix!

Pictures today are ones we took a couple of days ago - when the sun was shining!

Here I am, trying to hold on to 2 dog leashes and take a picture at the same time.

This is the boondocking section of this campground.

And, a view of the lake through the trees.

Till tomorrow then.

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