Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Dinner Out and Walking Desert Trails

I wrote yesterday's blog before we went out to dinner at the Mexican restaurant that Laurie found. If you are readers of Laurie and Odel's blog; or JoAnn and Doug's blog, you already know about this fun evening. We met them at 5:30 (ok, we were a few minutes late) and started in our conversation just as if we'd known each other for ages. Another example of how our fulltime friends circle keeps growing!

The food was pretty average, but I hardly noticed since we were having such a good time talking about past and future travel adventures. While JoAnn and Doug have traveled far and wide, they've only recently started fulltiming. Laurie and Odel had never owned an rv, but bought their motor home and started fulltiming in 2003. We're all different, but we're all alike in our love of the lifestyle we've chosen. We enjoyed our time together very much!

Here are JoAnn and Laurie enjoying conversation.

In the background you can just make out the Mariachi Band that serenaded us after we ate. They came over and played at our table. Very enjoyable! They were pretty darn good.

Sitting around the table are Odel (back to camera), me, Doug, JoAnn and Laurie.

This morning Jim did the requisite disappearing act while I cleaned the place up a bit. He went to the store and stocked up on a few items, including more quarters for the laundry that's been piling up.

After he got back, we took a walk back on the desert trails behind the rv park and found a few good pictures.

A sign thoughtfully informed us that these barrel cacti lean towards the south.

The skeleton of a Saguaro against the background of the mountains. We don't see many dead Saguaros, but there are hundreds of majestic living ones in the desert.

We kept hearing birds, but they are so difficult to photograph because they won't sit still! This one has a nut in his beak.

After our walk, I worked on taxes for awhile and Jim watched the football games. I took the dogs out frequently, Jasmine is still not back to her bouncy self and we're still watching her very closely. I may try to find a veternarian tomorrow if she's not better. While I was out with them this afternoon, a couple came up to me and said they have a little female schnauzer who is black, like Mr. Bo Jangles. Her name is Jazz! We talked for several minutes. Their little dog has been ill as well, and they know a vet in the area. They're parked next to JoAnn and Doug, so if I need to take my Jazz in, I'll get the information from them.

Tomorrow we have laundry and errands on the agenda, but we're hoping to start working on our sunset pictures.

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