Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day

I talked to a friend of mine in Colorado Springs today. She described to me how the city's street crew came to her neighborhood and spent several hours chipping away at the ice on their street. Feeling some empathy, since after all, I used to live there in the winter too, I sat and looked out the windows of our motor home while we chatted. The windows were open and there was a cool breeze blowing gently. There were a few clouds, but it was still quite warm today. I quietly regained my sense of balance. Once in awhile I get off kilter, and it usually takes me until I find that balance to know what it was that triggered the slide, or even recognize that there has been one. I just sense that I've been just a little off since we got here last week, but today set me back to rights.

Anyway, as far as activities, it has been a fairly typical day. We lingered over our morning coffee routine until it warmed up. Then I brushed and bathed Mr. BoJangles. Jim set up the grooming table outside and got out my supplies. It was fairly windy this morning, so grooming him was a challenge. We both got tired of it before he was completely finished. About the time I was ready to call it quits with him, JoAnn stopped by and we visited for awhile. It was a good excuse to put away the grooming tools for the day.

He does have eyes!

After lunch and some internet surfing, Jim and I decided to take the cameras and go walk the desert trails for a while. I hope my readers don't get too bored with pictures of cactus and mountains -- I sure don't get tired of looking at the desert!

We walked back by the back section of the park where JoAnn & Doug are parked, and now Jo & Fred are are few sites from them. JoAnn and Doug were not home, but we saw Jo & Fred's truck, so we went by there. They didn't hear my tapping on the door, so we were going to head back when JoAnn & Doug drove by. We visited a few minutes and I got to say Hi to Fillmore.

Jo and Fred stopped by our place later and we visited for a little while about geocaching. We're hoping to do a little hunting while they're here.

A day of visiting, resting, playing, and in general, just enjoying life. A beautiful day!

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